2015-New Start!?

Attempting, to re-Start, this long delayed WordPress- *Blogging project. Today’s primary entry = To recall (MC2F c’1994), with attending the Euston based ‘Bruce Lee Convention’, here [the UK. In homage to 2nd anniversary of attendee ‘Jim Kelly’s passing on from cancer.., 29th July 2013. I heard the majority of my (then), limited questions answered by […]

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Hello world!

Welcome viewers!   Long overdue, Nov 15th 2011, started to explore ‘WP’, as an extension of my @Crow_TLJ0NG twitterBlog. Sadly few things got stuck in path, however new chance has been rising since I met another Texan. (1famous[2013: a MC2F) Hoping blog-mix will be unique, [ contraSt. Site progress updates shall begin shoRtley. “Y’all come […]

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