Jack Reacher Incident (al) part 2! 2016

Chores done, packed and as prepped as I could get ( without tech ), I travelled into London finding public transport and overall traffic relatively light so got into Leicester Square early enough to have a quick check of e-Mails/social accounts. The set-up structure (Premiere-Crews), being comparable to events visited by ‘Karen Gillian & Mark Hamill’. It mean’t ..,


I could savor the buzzing hum of foreign tourists at my leisure observe the more relaxed discussions of the newest batch of ‘Celebrity AutoG-Hounds’, of which I guess can be considered an honorary member of the club. This time, a whole new sense of collective awareness of their own competitors appeared with several engaging upon the data-analysis of who they’d recently ‘claimed/signed’ via alternative events. The competitive aspect was strong but no longer being nudged by more ruthless individuals, perhaps they took holidays?

Still, every ‘Premiere’, event has its own variations and as the gathering of crowd-line participants grew some of the more significant details emerged. During both the ‘Martian‘ and ‘Bourne‘ premieres the small park had served as a normal open space. However this time the table tennis was active and a series of larger installed objects had been placed within. Huge 20ft long stylishly bland ‘see-saws’, nearly 16, doubling as wide ledges that could seat/prop-up entire plane loads of visitors if required.

The material used is highly reflective, and not closer generalized as a giants horde of collectable toothpicks, or an obstacle course worthy of the ‘Silver Surfer’.

Several retail facades had minor cosmetic alterations too. The banner design involving a flying duck ( a drake ), in artistic flight worthy poses, were sculpted high above. Notable among visitors taking pictorial advantage of the day were some attractive members of Team Malta ( a team of roaming-fashionable Models ?!), numbering in teens, who (later when positioned), checked out the crowd line giving out bright smiles and making a few blood vessels pump harder.

Did they have a group event scheduled somewhere later?, a question that I’m still trying to fathom. Anyway once in crowd position I’m all “Well , G’damn!” who knows may get to roll a few malteaser’s, very-sweet. So I’d gotten suddenly to point of de-Hydration early so chilled out by mentally time travelleling amid my recall of prior solid pair of premiere visits which reflect an ‘ Dan‘ aspect..,


The props of ‘The Jackal’, ‘Aliens‘, where ‘Yaphet Kotto’ may’ve met ‘Richard‘s – ‘Jaeckel/Kiel’.  The ‘original T-Ford’, and street Lambourghini sisters ‘Susan Anton/Catherine Bach’ of ‘Cannonball Run 2’ , who arrived in the same cat-suits, ‘Don-Quixote’ and many cast from ‘Starlight Express’ stage show.

Several hours passed in a mellow way, until the red-carpet team got really efficient ( could be a team PB, sadly didn’t time them ), and the ever popular pre-premiere interviews to camera, pre-hype & DJ requests for *Rapper’s warmed up the crowd nicely.


Premieres in Leicester Square have significantly increased their internet broadcasting over the last 6 years, and as the first group of vehicles approached the back entrance, guards at the front informed us that due a problem near ‘O2’, several transport routes had been stopped late afternoon and it raised a few hopes of getting more than just a quick wave-by.  Shortly after an ‘Explorer’ arrived to unleash ‘Tom Cruise’ himself, truly early, which is an excellent precedent for a bonus of two at my 2 O’clock.


While his primary interviews began, several others shortly arrived also, ‘Cobie Smulders’, producer ‘Edward Zwick’, Cameo-star/Author of merit ‘Lee Child’, closely followed by young co-star ‘Danika Yarosh’.


Now, let’s rewind a bit to the DJ pre-hype phase.  This was where our sections real ‘Luck’ began to flow. Not only did a pair to left get a ticket handed out, but upon my close 3 O’Clock, a lady got chosen to ‘RaP!’.  I’m old enough to know it’s not my forte and have seen ‘Eddie Murphy’s’, “I hate Rap!’ line both when first released and during his attendance to the ‘RosieT’, so I’d likely blow it unless I prepare well in advance.  But this lady was more than just eager.,

she was….,  An Italian.

Clearly well versed in some knowledge of her countries rap-styles and she belted out a ‘RaP’ that has to be one of the best premiere ‘Live-filmed/Broadcast’ raps that many have ever witnessed!  It was impressive enough for the emcee-DJ to proclaim., ” I think I’ve just lost my Job!”, with a generously wide grinning bow, gave some more winning tickets to her whilst the rapture of the surrounding crowd had a crescendo.

Basically., stay tuned for a possible future Italian Rap-star, female who might get huge after finishing whatever University she currently attends.  This had sent, the spirit of the crowd and the opposite reportage media line-up into ‘Crucial-mode’, which means that all the ‘Assistants’ of visiting celebrities just made a subtle bee-line to guarantee they were all filmed/photographed within the 7 foot width range of the 3 ticket winners!


It also means those adjacent, such as myself, get a little extra on-screen time for any ‘ZeFringe’, to see and as mine who would watch are likely all abroad.  It was very useful that I wore my ‘Ghost Protocol’/’Total Recall’/’Oblivion’ hat.


‘Cobie Smulders’, quite plainly., really smoldered her way around our section and ‘Danika Yarosh’ was a mildly delightful peach of a lass herself.  We also greeted, ‘Edward Zwick’, and author ‘Lee Child’ who very smartly answered a question I was compelled to thrust at him over the baying of my fan-line neighbor’s.  Everything started to become a bit frantic, as several media interviews were being skipped by stars who wanted to stay with the crowd line.

Now, rapidly approaching., signing., grinning., was ‘Tom Cruise’ himself but again ( see part 1), being urged to be brief by both Assistant and Guard!  Got my question., fired out in a audible-lull to gain an appreciative eye-contact-gaze-grin combo.  Yes, all you distant ‘ZeFringe’., weather you’ve known, split-cousins or yet to be confirmed.  I sent Tom, your regards and hopes that he had a ‘Cocktail’ ready!


Cannot personally know yet, if the question got filmed/screened-live, but I’m reasonably confident it got his interest slightly.


Next up, is what I quite enjoy, the random guest celebrity aspects.  Singer and a touted ‘Pretenders’ to the scottish pop-throne of ‘Texas’, came the artist ‘Tallia Storm’ and ,‘Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini’, ‘Doreen Steinert’, ‘Kimberley Garner’ then a truely nice couple who might be from ‘This way is Essex’.

It couple gave me a brief deja-vu of the pop act ‘Dollar’, who I’d also seen at the ‘RosieT’ eVent.

So all guests, and ticket holders are striding in very close to start time, which is when normally the blessed fans (like myself), usually do their own cool down and internally praise their own good fortune before making for the nearest café.  Not so tonight folks., in a quite unusual act of benevolence, it occurs sometimes that an assistant is sent/directed to the crowds nearest the ‘Venue entrance’ to ask them if they’re available to see the movie too.  It’s a highly rare thing, as streams of extra pre-booked quests were still strolling down the red carpet to the entrance some 160 feet further to our right. Not our section.

But this assistant had a strange, intent gaze in her eye, and upon reaching within easy view perspective of our section, gave our nameless faces the kind of internal ‘features-check’ of the following directive, “How many of you are willing to stay to go in and see the movie?!

Hey., now that’s ‘Luck’ in action.., or perhaps an ounce more than ‘Luck’, after several piped up , our section of 9 including myself got ourselves ‘Invited’ into the premiere of ‘Never Go Back’!

Where I got very nicely surprised!  One for another days *blog.

However , you can enjoy some of the same experience of that day by taking a gander / look at the linked YouTube *playlist (s) below.

Prev= https://crow93kdalton2heyou.wordpress.com/2016/10/26the-jack-reacher-incident-part-1-2012


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