Rosie Jean Genie : Street level Angel of the North.

The Sun and Daily Mirror, plus across the UK many other media are all remarking upon the demise of a unique SOAP actress.., since the primary ‘RosieT’ eVent.   I’ve restrained to mention her association upon blogs, until it was possible to attempt supporting comments that agree with the timeline.Have been hoping that perhaps Dames, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench or even Joan Collins sister Jackie and Edna Everage would first express words that would meet ‘The Bill’.

Sharing when and where they all appeared (spread across hours), down upon a small Shakespearian street.

Unfortunately for those hundreds of attendee’s and some approximately 35-55 tourists/ freelance photographers who witnessed her parade past the ‘Bear Garden’s entrance, we now lament the passing of ‘Jean Alexander’.


It should be noted well, and etched into the minds of the majority of ‘Cornonation St’ fans memories the deep distraught felling that came over the series that in 1987 when Jean departed the classic series.  Surely, now is the time for her colleagues, friends, fans, associates to reveal a few closely regarded anecdotes about the decade that followed for her, until 1997 and beyond.


One that I share, contains an unconfirmed theorem, that links directly with other cast members.  Consider yourself., placed for a few hours upon a relatively small office overshadowed street, assisting the tourist/pedestrians to get through the gathered media ( of many nations & varied security ), horde.  You wave and warn them to part like the red sea, for 3 coaches.  These crawl through the dawdling crowd to park beyond the emplaced TV cameras at where ‘Zoe Wanamaker’ and ‘Timothy Dalton’, are on emcee duties, with microphones presenting the details of the afternoons pending Shakespearian themed eVents.  To witness another extraordinary ‘Goodies‘, or ‘Navy Lark’ style moment.


Amid the already present ( or passing through), celebrities of ‘Newsround’,’Blue Peter’,’Eastenders’, ‘Grange Hill’, ‘The Adventure Game’,’Mind your Language’ and ‘Hi-De-Hi’, comes at least a bakers dozen from the longest running televised show ‘Cornonation St’, (Still filming in Manchester that week), with the distinct arrow stride pattern seen in ‘Reservoir Dogs’,’Rollerball’ or ‘The Magnificent Seven’.  Their prow, like a regal mother goose in full flight was ‘Jean Alexander’.


It is my theory , deduced from the bizarre logistics that must have motivated this display, that one of the projects that ‘Our ‘Hilda’, (accented northernly), had possibly been integrally involved with ‘Sam Wanamaker’s project for both ‘The Globe’ and ‘Save the Rose Theatre’.


My ‘ZeFringe’s involvement was substantial but sporadic since the start, and my own peaked during this single day.  Yet on no phase were we party to the more senior committee planning stages that would have given us confirmable knowledge that the day could ever encompass such a huge range of the elite from stage and silver screen, musical and concert halls all in a ‘Neighbours’ly mood upon a dusty springfellow road.


It must have also directly contributed to why news editors of the day chose to minimize the print reportage, can you imagine the poor reporter who that evening dashing back to the media editors desk, imparting verbally or from his overwhelmed note pad the near endless list of celebrity names.  Only to be told, “Well, can you trim that down to 2 column inches or perhaps do a full 3 page special with legitimate verification?”  Cue: facial horrified realization!

That ‘Jean Alexander’, was there directly supporting the ‘Save the Rose Theatre’, would surely have been worthy of a singular magnificent several inches of tabloid comment alone.  Perhaps a few from ‘Coronation St’, noticed other popular series regulars and those Hollywood legends that also mingled awhile.  Hopefully , the other cast members will also be able to acknowledge their dual visits probably an event nearby at LWT, on same day that the following were seen.

Draft list of the ‘Coronation St’ V-form parade ( TBC-by cast pending @ Oct2016)

  • Mike Baldwin    =  Johnny Briggs
  • Ivy Tilsley / Brennan    =  Lynne Perrie
  • Mavis Riley/ Wilton  =  Thelma Barlow
  • Derek Wilton   =  Peter Baldwin
  • Bet Lynch/ Gilroy    =  Julie Goodyear
  • Michael Rodwell  =  Les Dennis
  • Sally (Seddon Webster) Metcalfe  =  Sally Dynevor
  • Kevin Webster  =  Michael Le Vell
  • Roy Cropper   =  David Neilson
  • Eddie Yeats    =  Geoffrey Hughes
  • Betty Turpin Williams  =  Betty Driver
  • Brian Tilsley  =  Christopher Quentin
  • Gail (Potter Tilsley Platt Hillman McIntyre) Rodwell  =  Helen Worth
  • Freddie Smith  =  Derek Griffith ( Also ‘Playschool‘ presenters )
  • Ken Barlow  =  William Roache
  • Vera Duckworth  =  Elizabeth Dawn
  • Deirdre ( Hunt Landton Rachid) Barlow = Anne Kirkbride
  • Norman ‘Curly’ Watts  =  Kevin Kennedy
  • Jack Duckworth    =  Bill Tarmey
  • Audrey (Potter) Roberts  =  Sue Nichols  ( + ‘Rent-A-Ghost’ cast )
  • Fred Elliott  =  John Savident
  • Janice Battersby  = Vicky Entwistle
  • Michelle Keegan  =  Tina McIntyre
  • Leanne (Battersby Tilsley) Barlow  =  Jane Danson
  • Les Battersby   =  Bruce Jones
  • Alf Roberts     =  Bryan Mosley
  • Elsie (Tanner) Howard   =  Patricia Pheonix
  • Sunita (Parekh ) Alahan   =  Shobna Gulati
  • Suzie Birchall   =  Cheryl Murray
  • Fred Gee   =  Fred Feast
  • Len Fairclogh  =  Peter Adamson
  • Lloyd Mullaney  =  Craig Charles  ( with ‘Red Dwarf’ cast, also @ Danson Park with band 2011 )
  • Cathy Matthews  =  Melanie Hill
  • Dev Alahan  =  Jimmi Harkishan
  • Emily Bishop  =  Eileen Derbyshire
  • Fiz (Brown) Stape   =  Jennie McAlpine
  • Michelle Connor  =  Kym Marsh
  • Alma (Sedgewick Baldwin) Halliwell   =  Amanda Barrie   ( with ‘Carry-On’ cast )
  • Norris Cole  =  Malcolm Hebden
  • Tyrone Dobbs   =  Alan Halsall
  • Eileen Hughes  =  Prunella Scales
  • Rula Romanoff  =  Honor Blackman  (with ‘Bond-girls’ )
  • Leonard Swindley  =  Arthur Lowe    ( with ‘Dad’s Army’ cast )
  • Guitar lead ‘Status Quo’  =  Francis Rossi
  • Joe Donnelli  =  Shane Rimmer
  • Eric Gartside  =  Peter Kay

(Note- listing is approximate to certainty of stroll through crowd from distant memory, several mentioned near bottom may have been attending via other roles / cast association prior to Coronation St.)

P.S. – Whilst upon final research edit pre-post of this piece, yet another visiting attendee of ‘RosieT’, has circled.  The marvellous broadcaster of Radio 2, Jimmy Young.  Only the other radio presenters & DJ’s who jointly visited , ( e.g. Sir Terry Wogan, Tony Blackburn, Steve Wright etc..,) all seen on a close street-stage promenade, are believed to be in position to confirm Jimmy Young’s attendance.  My view point some 120yards away being mostly obscured by freelance reporters & tourists at time, before many were re-routed towards their pre-scheduled destination.


Nb:  Shakespeare’s ‘Rose Theatre’, was un-earthed around 1985, in Southwark.  It took several years of relatively quiet archaeological analysis ; simultaneously delayed a multi-million pound building project, for it to be confirmed as authentic.  It soon came to the attention of the wider theatrical community of the west-end where ‘Sam Wanamaker’, adopted the ‘Save the Rose Theatre’ project in parallel to his own goal to build the new theatre ‘The Globe’.

Many years of protest to authorities were supported by a committee of widely regarded thespians, and numerous volunteers, involving several widely attended celebrity street events.  It received final approval of architectural design of an incorporated museum to maintain its English Heritage status late in 1998.  Their current website details only the briefest aspects of relevance to the protest since 1987.  Incorporated in this tribute are many reference’s to other show cast visitors and performers alike, for your sleuthing pleasure.




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