October 12th 2016 – Dylan, a Stewart’s rewards?

As the last piece was written, another extraordinary ‘RosieT’ day deja-vu moment occurred.  I’d been delving into the biographies of Ian Botham and Tony Curtis, attempting to factor which event day they had attended and if they had heard A-ha, Go West or the Temperance Seven ( noted by ZeFringe), whilst listening to the news broadcast about the pending anniversary of 1066 which links the Bayeux Tapestry ? Mary Rose (sections), that also got put on display along the Southwark Street, when overheard the joyous news that ‘Bob Dylan’, ( an attendee I believe:TBC ) had gone and been awarded, couldn’t believe at first, a Nobel prize for literature!  Not an un-deserved accolade, simply that many ‘RosieT’ visitors would surely start their own recall of when they had seen an unusual piece of street theatrics which featured the original video recording of his glorious track ..,

Subterranean Homesick Blues’

(see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGxjIBEZvx0 )


Am pretty certain that some will know that it was an effort by some youngish theatre graduate/student who had barely any idea of the rhythm of the track, and precious little clue how to handle the word cards he’d been given.  Shall confirm myself only as a spell bound installation Performance Artist voyeur for this.  As, most tourists stopped to gather a few snaps of the mildly stage struck guy, drop erratically several pieces yet miraculously caught up the ‘Dylan’s’ tempo very bravely.

A miniature calamity skit, worthy of ‘Michael Crawford’sFrank Spenser by itself.  Questions abound regarding the mystery performer, as he exited the stage right swiftly like Huckleberry Hound.

Did he prepare the attempt? Or was it an improvised piece involving an arm-drag from either Timothy Dalton or Kenneth Brannagh?  Who knows, perhaps that mystery will get solved.  For now it is  delightful to have both Rod Stewart and Bob Dylan given high praise this same week!


Ding-Dong , ‘Ere!

Harken to taught string,

Our Troubadour’s, couplet.

Moore over, Our Nobel Knight!


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