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A Crow Review upon      –       In the Nick of Time.


September 2016 is a renewed link entry for my international-distant ZeFringe & clique of personal friends, prior work colleagues, my Twi208+ (circa 2016) and prior romancers which should also please at least 5% of central London residents to boot!  Due the newly published autobiography by actor ‘John Altman’.


Confused., You may be ., but once you get your fangs into this ‘Kreshta’s book you could find yourself upon your own small (Da Vinci) quest.


Last year, I was granted the rare opportunity to gain the acquaintance of an extra upon the T.V. series ‘Minder‘ (scene with Dennis Waterman), a most significant and ‘Global’ favourite for fans of my since ZeFringe confirmed Uncle-in-Law, Glynn Edwards.  The outcast being the delightful ‘Pam St.Clement’, who as of recently ZF-uncovered research must also in future be included within the data regarding a jointly involved evEnt. To correctly be able to state their participation however is a factual achievement which has ghosted myself for many years.


Their exist to date, some 70 plus autobiographies I have dipped into to attempt an almost impossible mission.  Finally within ‘John Altman’s, piece are presented a density of references that make revealing for the sanity of all those diverse cultural tourists also attending. Their exists a glimmer of new hope, it’s just ‘In the Nick of Time’.


Let’s be clear, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ of Dan Brown’s, is nothing more than a highly complex theory of interpretive analysis based upon centuries of re-interpreted religious text, which has the unique hints to make it’s possibility almost convincing.  Certainly, it comes across very well in ‘Tom Hanks’, interesting movie.  The fact that ‘John Altman’ ( actor not composer ), has gifted the viewing public of the UK, and now courtesy of the internet the world, his acting talent to a huge range of theatrical productions across almost 4 decades, surely invites the mentioned question.

‘How did ‘Hollywood’ not happen?!’


Within this biography ( an inherent structural conceit ), are revealed many of those situations, of equally delightful complexity and error that will entertain, such as his brief acquaintance’s ( hinted at, myself! – twice ), his fellow cast colleagues, and those who as friends can be jointly considered part of his journey.


On a critical ‘CI5‘, basis there surely can be expressed that significant streamlining has occurred.  All such celebrity works are dominated by the ambitious-ego, however lightly the situations and problems are presented.  It can be compared favourably on a tangential parallel to several ‘In Vogue‘ contemporaries, such as Colin Farrell, Don Johnson, Robert Downey Jr, Jerry Lee Lewis and the late Lewis Collins, who by virtue of other accentuated assistance came through the heart of blood boiling inferno, beyond the reach of their fires danger to claim a degree of serenity when reflecting upon their own past.


My technical data analysis of combined London ‘Save the Rose Theatre’ & ‘RosieT‘ elements can best presented as :-


8. 55. 2. 16. 16. 18. 15. 46. 20. 16. 16. 34. 20. 25


Within the chapters 1 – 14, being a good hint.  Extra comparison on High/Low chapters gives the emphasis upon numbers 2nd,8,20,25 , over 3rd & 26th come as an apt duality.

Added chance of ZeFringe appeal spread over many continents of his travels means my library can place the book as having a similar status quo influence basement linking it near to :

‘Kung Fu : The Praying Mantis Kills’ c1974 by Lee Howard – ISBN 10: 0446764671 ⁄ ISBN 13: 9780446764674,

or perhaps closer to the range of ‘James Cameron’s Titanic c1997.  Enough to prompt a quick names shout/mention of ‘Vicki M, Patrick Stewart, Sam Jones, Vanessa R, Sophia L, and Kirk Douglas!’


SOAP star ‘John Altman’, has finally written a book with enough ‘pop’ to strum it’s eastender way comfortably entertaining onto my paradise bookshelf.


Crow Review Rating = 8/10


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