2016 ‘HeYouCrow’ Glossary

Subject to further upDates, below is a compiled brief definition to many unique terminology that I use, here and ^ Twitter.



Bousk :- Descriptive term of comparison to singer ‘Kate Bush’, qualities.  Example – ‘Meredith Brooks’.


Bunkai :-  Source: Japanese ; Martial term from ‘Bushido’ for the transfer of a trained technique into a performed application during moment of conflict.  Technique itself can be an internal/sensory process or tactile.

‘  =:= ‘  :- Symbolic abbreviation for ‘ Mirror/ Mirrored’, regarding a partial or near identical reflection of an image.


Lokil :- Source: Old-German regional dialect – for ‘ Mirror’. Adopted to also mean, a quality of description nearing identical similarity of appearance/audio-tones.  Used often with percentage estimates.

‘ ^ ‘  :-  Symbolic abbreviation; for ‘on’.  Examples – ‘ ^Top’ = on top , ‘ up^’ = upon.

NonCom :- Source: Military slang ; for Non-Combatant, person who is not part of any organized military or militant unit.

NonComz :- Source: derived slang; As above with only a research or kinship knowledge of tiny historical military links, which are unformalized.  Example – a niece of WW1 participant etc..

ZeFringe :- Specific reference for those family/related with distant kinship to those with a celebrity status profile who at some point have small moments of media coverage/reportage, yet are not part of the media ( not funded/ or promoted), industry.

Zidn :- Technical abbreviation ; for a precise fight ‘Bunkai’ of source origin ‘Zinedine Zidane’ (c.2006 discussed at ‘RosieT’.2), as part of martial arts studies.