Crow Review -> Rogue Nation movie 30th July

One of my *blogging habits, transfering ^2 WordPress € creating a personal review/guide with a comparative UK’slantStyle 4a recent cinema (some still available ^Twitter & I also shorthand a few words), visit.

Here €, latest^ ‘Rogue Nation‘ !

Indiana Jones & Star Trek films are regarded, by myself, as 2 of the best 1980’s film franchise movie sequels. Combined they nearly out shone UK’s most prestigious franchise.,(No not ‘Carry On’), but the stalwart James Bond. Mission Impossible’s ascension during the the last few years of the 1990’s has clearly been a marvel.

On screen starting in 1996, Mission Impossible, took the heroic aspects of ‘Bond’, gave it a contemporary spin and put the entire ‘McGuffin’ squarely upon Tom Cruise & Jon Voight’s ( majority of cast being killed off ; e.g. Jean Reno within the Eurotunnel ), shoulders.

Ving Rhames , being the only (Miami Vice, Spencer for Hire, Con Air),other actor to appear in most sequel’s, deservedly is given a great line & he sure ‘Gets It’.

After 4 excellent movies, each of 2nd-3rd-4th seeming to push the incredible ‘stuntwork’ even higher than the last. In ‘Rogue Nation‘, we have the very natural book-ender of the set. Audiences know pretty much what to expect, unless you are new to the series.

Why watch this film? Could there be an elusive thunder-spark of sequel day joy?!

After all, both ‘Man from UNCLE‘ & ‘Spectre‘, are going to be strong contenders. Answer € in the Boot., or ‘ReBoot’ if you will pardon the quip. Christopher McQuarrie’s team up with writer Drew Pearce has managed to re-work the original series (Pilot+), shows and targeted sights directly^the ‘Bond’ fans too.


Experienced video & DvD viewers will find homages to ‘Die Harder‘, ‘Man with the Golden Gun‘, ‘Moonraker‘, ‘Indiana Jones‘,’Bourne Identity‘,’Total Recall (both)’ & yes even an episode of 80’s classic ‘Moonlighting‘ have all been given the ‘I.M.F.’ treatment to create an exhilarating movie, which beyond an early logistical error, keeps this sequel’s pace right up with some of the best fresh action films.

A ‘Prometheus‘ grade dramatic range is supplied by Sean Harris,(as Soloman Lane), in attempts to out-wit new IMF gillie-in-field agent ‘Benji Dunn’, played superbly by Simon Pegg, that delves beyond the partial ‘Minder’ like mirror image achieved to even deliver a few well placed, effective *Hooks along,(seeming to channel his inner Terry McGann), the way.

Humor € still a tad understated in the ‘MI’ franchise, yet this movie re-ignites the fun-fuse by having some complicated witty word-play between ‘Alec Baldwin’s Director Alan Huntley & an even more staunch agent Brandt, going near glengarry in scenes reminiscent-homage to ‘Star Trek’s Court Martial episode, played deftly by Jeremy Renner.

To enhance those areas, romance and stunts have been rebalanced compared to all prior 4. The very regal British reticence being almost psychic-transferred from ‘Jack Reacher’s Rosamund Pike, into the well heeled, talented ‘Isla Faust’ by (near ‘Mary Ann Mobley’ lokil 84%), Rebecca Furguson. Who should find credible action roles arriving akin to those by Scarlet Johansen’s and Kate Beckinsale’s repertoire.

Body blow’s are crisp (similar to MC2F @ SENi 2010 Excell House v%), and brutally applied by Sweden’s tough hench, Jens Hulten to (Ghost Protocol / Edge of Tomorrow) IMpeccable ,’Tom Cruise’.

There is a wide diversity of small roles by foreign actors since just like ‘Indiana Jones‘ the plot sends the challenged IMF teams after the concealed Syndicate Agent(s), to most continents including ‘Minsk’,’Morroco’s Casablanca, central ‘Paris’,’Washington D.C.’,’Vienna’, London’s ‘Greenwich Naval College’ & St’Thomas’ Hospital.

Performance’s by ‘Jingchu Zhang’ from ‘Rush Hour 3‘, ‘Mateo Rufino’, ‘Fernando Abadie’,’Alec Gotgoff’, all get slightly submerged by (too many to list see web-databases/many^ Social media), the editing process along the way.

Special note must be made of the pivotal early scene that gives ‘Hermione Corfield’, a chance to shine (due in ‘Knights of the Round Table‘), briefly silenced amid 2nd/3 John Cusack film homages. Further regards expressed for ‘Ronnie Radbourne’ who’s task during larger scenes must have been extraordinary intense.

Eagle-eyed / hawk-eyed watchers can even look forward to finding all the prior ‘Tom Cruise’-‘Patrick Swayze’ homages with repeat viewing, or scenes of the bumps & injuries that were ‘un-Cut’ as a potential option (TBC) of DvD extra features.

Final result is a production of operatic scale, full of vigor and € nearly it’s own ‘Top Gun‘ of the series, that has ‘Bond’, shaking his own Vodka-Martini cocktail, at this very moment.

Crow (moi), really enjoyed this film so this Review gives

‘Rogue Nation’ = 9.4/10


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