2015-New Start!?

Attempting, to re-Start, this long delayed WordPress- *Blogging project.

Today’s primary entry = To recall (MC2F c’1994), with attending the Euston based ‘Bruce Lee Convention’, here [the UK. In homage to 2nd anniversary of attendee ‘Jim Kelly’s passing on from cancer.., 29th July 2013.

I heard the majority of my (then), limited questions answered by Jim’s reply to other guests, (later forming a chunk of a published magazine ‘Combat’, by Andrew Stanton).

However, I did get to *shakehands, & was the last guest to chat with Mr Kelly, reviewing a book article previously published that he was unaware that he’d been included within.

He shared with, guests his (1994), reaction, disbelief, grief & supportive words upon the accidental death of ‘Brandon Lee’, and gave me a little personal momento (Adorns a special item now of ‘Bob Breen’ c’2006), too.

Like other fans of ‘Brandon’s, recent high (The Crow, released after), achieVement with ‘Rapid Fire’, & ‘Legacy of Rage’, I was entrenched in similar despair, but somehow ‘Jim’s words sincerely gave the ‘martial’, fanbase reneWed hope.

I watch ‘Enter the Dragon’, always with lighthearted recall of ‘Jim Kelly’, because of that day.


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